• Post Net Tibhar CLIP Rp600.000

    TIBHAR CLIP NET SET is a solid steel clip on net set which allows very quick set up.

    It is also kinder to the underneath on the table.

    The clip snap on system is very strong and sits tightly on the table

  • Scorer Tibhar “BASIC” Rp425.000

    • Compact Scorer / Point Counter

    • Use in clubs

  • Scorer Tibhar “SMASH” Rp575.000

    Very stable point counter for continuous use in clubs, with numbers from 0 – 20 and 0 – 5 (sets).

    Foldable hard case, easy to store.

  • Scorer Tibhar “TIME OUT” Rp600.000

    Foldable plastic coated board with PVC numbers from 0 – 20 and 0 – 5 (sets).
    Compact, easy to use

  • Sidetape Cushion Yasaka Rp70.000

    Cushion guard tape
    Shock absorbing power 3 times or more! Important racket, firmly protect rubber
    Size: Width 10 mm , length 48 cm
    Made in Japan
    Thanks to its unique three-layer structure, it boasts three times more shock absorption capacity than conventional edge tape.
    Moreover, it is a high-performance tape which is lightweight and excellent in cushioning property, although its thickness is about twice the weight does not change.

  • Sidetape RS EdgeTape Yasaka Rp35.000

    Simple design nylon type

    Color: Red
    Size: Width 10 mm length 50 cm
    Made in China

    Yasaka RS edge tape 10 mm

    Racket edge protection tape

  • Sidetape Tibhar Rp20.000

    50cm for 1 blade
    TIBHAR red/orange 9mm.
    TIBHAR blue/black 12mm
    EVOLUTION red 12mm
    EVOLUTION black 12mm

  • Tibhar Alum Case Rp550.000

    Protect your bat with the optimum protection box. This is a very robust case made from aluminium, with corner protections. In 3D-optic. Incorporates a thick foam inlay for one bat and three balls.

    Composition: Aluminium
    Dimensions: 29.5 x 22 x 5 cm
    Colours: blue/silver, gold, wood, black, bronze
  • Tibhar Bat Case Carbon Round Rp300.000

    Bat case Carbon round

    Round bat case with reinforced walls
    Can contain one-two bat
    Composition 100% nylon
    Dimensions 19 x 29 cm

  • Tibhar Bat Case Carbon Square Rp350.000

    Bat case Carbon square

    Square bat case with reinforced walls
    Can contain one-two bats
    Composition 100% nylon
    Dimensions 19 x 29 cm

  • Tibhar Double Cover Crown Rp325.000

    Reinforced cover with separated pockets
    For two / four bats
    Features two outer net pockets
    Solid two-way zipper
    Carrying loop

    100% polyester

    Sizes: 32 x 21 x 5 cm

  • Tibhar Glue Sheet Rp40.000

    VOC-free extra thin self-adhesive film. Ideal for a first montage of the rubbers. Can also be used with pimple rubbers without spong

  • Tibhar Protection Sheet Rp40.000

    Rubber surface protection sheet during transportation or storage.

    1 piece for 1 side of rubber

  • Tibhar Rubber Cleaner 100ml Rp190.000

    VOC-free. The regular use of TIBHAR rubber cleaner increases the life expectancy of your rubber. After each cleaning dust and perspiration are removed gently from the rubber surface, keeping the adherence of your rubber intact. For the protection of the rubber surface we recommend to use both the rubber cleaner TIBHAR and our special sponge.

    100ml with sponge applicator

  • TIBHAR Shoes Supersonic Agility Rp1.000.000

    Sepatu Tenis Meja Ping Pong TIBHAR Supersonic Agility
    Supersonic Agility


    For the new TIBHAR SUPER SONIC AGILITY, the well-known MAXX TURN PROTECT system has been further developed, providing the player with a comfortable feel and more freedom of movement while paying attention to stabilisation and protection of the joints. A robust and ultra-light STRONG TPU film gives the table tennis player optimum support and thus the opportunity for maximum speed at the table. The innovative NOVO2MAX nylon microfibre fabric sustainably supports breathability and thus heat exchange, ensuring that the TIBHAR SUPERSONIC AGILITY is particularly comfortable to wear. This is also promoted by the use of the breathable and lightweight SOFT SKIN MICROFIBRE material with a new and even more comfortable structure, which has been used inside the shoe. The split sole structure and the proven two-component Phylon material provide high flexibility in the front and heel areas of the shoe. The division of the front and rear zones stabilises the centre of the sole and enables joint-friendly movements. This is supported by the ENERGY CONVERTER built into the heel area, which absorbs vibrations caused by fast movements and converts them into additional energy when pushing off. The sophistica-ted TWO-TONE fabric in the rear area underlines the extraordinary design of the new TIBHAR SUPERSONIC AGILITY. The new TIBHAR logo over the side of the shoe is also an eye-catcher.
    CompositionPU, Mesh, TPU film
    Sizes 37 – 46


    image variation

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